Charles Atlas

A Brief Biography
by Gil Waldron

The World's Most Handsome Man

from Physical Culture
October 1921

Pictures of Macfadden's prizewinner

Contributed by Gordon Anderson

Building the Physique of a 'Greek God'
by Angelo Siciliano

from Physical Culture - Nov & Dec 1921 - the year he won the 'World's Most Handsome Man' Competition.
A 'pre course' auto-biographical article in two parts and a very interesting read.

Secrets of Muscular Power & Beauty

From 1924, The Atlas brochure that appeared in countless early advertisements. Contains biographical detail plus many splendid photos of Atlas, his family and and early pupils including Sansone.

Prof. Charles Atlas Challenges the World

A pre Dynamic Tension advert. from 1923

How to Build a Perfect Body -
Charles Atlas' Secrets of Success

written for Artists & Models Magazine in 1925 by Frederick W. Tilney

Contributed by
Gordon Anderson

Charles Atlas Endorses
Liederman's Course

Date unknown

Contributed by
Gordon Anderson

How Dynamic Tension Makes You a New Man

Classic UK Charles Atlas Booklet

Published 1956

Contributed by
Bill Gibbons

Every Man, Every Day, Should Do These

from Physical Culture - Feb 1936, a rare instance of a set of Atlas exercises being openly published in a magazine.

Are You Rich or Poor in Strength

from Physical Culture July 1937 - article by Charles Atlas with a few exercises.

Charles Atlas Flyer

from the late 30s.

Muscles by Mail

From The Family Circle - Jan 20th 1938

Contributed by Sax Hallam

Self-Made Man -- and Body

by Robert Lewis Taylor
Readers Digest
Sept 1942

Condensed from The New Yorker

Copyright © 1942 F-R Pub. Corp. & Readers Digest
All rights acknowledged

Contributed by Sax Hallam

The Famous Atlas Adverts

Everlasting Strength & Health

circa 1950s Atlas bro
chure from the UK.

Charles Atlas - 62 - And Still Going Strong

Atlas Was Right All Along

from Life Magazine
April 17th 1964

Contributed by Sax Hallam

But Ladies, I am
76 Years Old

An article with original photos from a 1969 issue of The Sunday Times Colour Supplement

Contributed by
Sax Hallam

Charles Atlas at 79

Reproduced with the permission of the author, Paul Niemi.



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