This is a temporary page (sans artwork etc.) with an assorted collection of videos to download.

Be warned - some of them are quite big.

The wmv files which are from the British Pathe Website (all copyrights firmly acknowledged) are free low resolution preview copies.
Some of them are of significant historic interest featuring the likes of Thomas Inch, W.A. Pullum, Edward Aston
& Warren Lincoln Travis for instance.
Others are more lighthearted and very typical of the British Newsreel style. For those not in the know Pathe along with British Movietonews and Gaumont British News produced newsreels and 'gazettes' and were in production from 1910 right through to 1970.

British Pathe have digitised 3,500 hours of videos - most of which can be viewed from their website. I urge you to visit it.

Some of the other videos now available on this page have been copied from VHS tape (Otto Arco for instance),
provided personally (Tony Holland), or sourced from elsewhere (Sandow, Treloar etc.)

Eugen Sandow (1903)
Brief film made by Edison
Al Treloar (1904)
with Miss Marshall
at Madison Sq.
Beauty & The Body Beautiful
The Light Lady Heavyweight (20s)
Thomas Inch gives a demonstration of strength then attempts to lift Miss Resista
Mind v. Muscle (1922)
Edward Aston & W.A. Pullum
demonstration of Muscle Control, Bent Pressing and trying to lift Miss Resista who can change her weight at will!

Strongman John (20s)
Feats of strength including walking up walls!

Travis (20s)
Warren Lincoln Travis lifts 10
men on a plank - and then
demolishes a large Ice Cream Sundae.
Silent (638KB)

Hercules up-to-date
Warren Lincoln Travis gives demonstration

Saxson Brown (1930)
gives a demonstration of Strength.
(judging by his voice the wheels of the car may have missed on one occasion)
The Toughest Man we Know (30s)
The Great Chellard bends bars and drives a nail through wood with his mouth

Alexander Zass (1934)
Famed strong man bends iron bar

Alexander Zass (1954)
20 years on and still at it.
Ronald Walker (1936)
Strength feats & Posing
Otto Arco (1930s)
Wonderful demonstration of Muscle Control plus Hand-Balancing with brother Pete
Strongman Wilfred Briton (1939)
Strength feats
The Inch Dumbbell (30s/40s)
Thomas Inch demonstrates the
famous Inch Dumbbell - but is it the real one? (2431KB)
The Perfect Man (1941)
San Francisco Contest
Mr. Apollo (1950)
London contest
Mr. Muscles of South London (1955)
Tony Carrol / Spencer Churchill / Downs / Ken Shaw (1,066KB)
Mr. Universe 1955
featuring Monohar Aich and Clancey Ross (701KB)

John Farbotnik & Morello
posing at contest

John Farbotnik - Clip One
Great Muscle Control Demonstration

John Farbotnik - Clip Two
Another demonstration
Mr. Sydney
Australian (what else)
Mr. Berlin
Mute - no details - probably 60s
Mr. Asia (1962)
Malaya contest
A-535 Rub
Muscle Controller Tony Holland in a commercial

There's more to follow