The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers, Harry, Walter & Bill, started training in 1924 and by 1929 had become well known in the realms of physical culture, and featured in all the publications of the day.

Mark Berry also used them to illustrate Physical Training Simplified.

By 1930 Harry had turned professional. 1934 saw him being lauded as the World's Strongest Professional Strongman at the same time as brother Bill claimed the title of the World's Strongest Amateur.

Harry at one time worked for Bob Hoffman but left to set up his own barbell company. He ran the company for 37 years retiring in 1974.

Harry died in 1998 after many years suffering with heart trouble - he was 95. Both brothers survived him.

Fundamentals of Exercise & Strength Building

written by Harry Good in 1939

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The Keynote to Great Strength

written by Harry Good in 1940

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