George F. Jowett

1891 - 1969

A Brief Biography of George F. Jowett

by his Great Great Niece Kathleen Lawry
Muscle Building & Physical Culture

The entire Course from 1927

kindly contributed by Gordon Anderson

Strong Men I Have Known by Earle E. Liederman

No.1 - George F. Jowett

From Bodybuilder May 1937

Molding Mighty Men

The Full Set of Six Booklets from 1932 comprising
'A Mighty Grip', A Mighty Chest', 'Mighty Legs', 'A Mighty Back', 'A Mighty Arm' and 'Strong Man Stunts'
Moulding the Hips by George F. Jowett

'The Body Builder' May 1937
Promotional Material from the Jowett Institute

from the late 50s

Nerves of Steel - Muscles like Iron

Promotional Brochure - Date Unknown

Contributed by Michael Higginbotham

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