1902 - 1987

Sig Klein began bodybuilding at the age of 15 after reading Physical Culture & Strength magazines. He purchased his first barbell in 1919

He was a disciple of Maxick and early on obtained his book 'Muscle Control' as well as books by Saldo & Apollo.

He married Prof. Louis Atilla's youngest daughter and took over running Atilla's gym in 1927

Much admired for his excellent physique, his photographs appeared in numerous publications including Bonomo's 'Building Body Power' course.

Some Notes on Sig Klein's Career - extracted from 'Super Physique'
Three excellent poses from Macfadden's Physical Culture Magazine - Feb 1929 reproduced here in their original printed tints.

Klein's Bell - The entire run from
Issue 1 (June '31) to Dec '32

In Jan 1933 it merged with 'Strongman Magazine

Contributed by Gay W. Ng

Super Physique - Body-Building Bar-Bell Course
- Date unknown, circa mid 1940s

Contributed by Gordon Anderson

Photos of Sig Klein

Many of which are Magazine covers