Dan Lurie (born April 1, 1923 in Brooklyn, New York City) is a founding father of bodybuilding and a physical fitness pioneer.

A world-class bodybuilder in the 1940s, by 1949 he had won the Mr. America title of "America's Most Muscular Man" four times.

In 1948, Lurie established the International Federation of Body Builders and he owns the Dan Lurie Gyms and Health Clubs.

Dan Lurie's 90th Birthday

Dan Lurie was 90 years old (and still going strong) on April 1st 2013.

Here are a few pictures of souvenirs and photos of his birthday party.

Lunch With a Legend
by Peter Yates

In 2011 Peter Yates met Dan Lurie, then 88 years old. In this article he tells the story of Dan's remarkable life, career and achievements in the world of bodybuilding

Heavy Exercise & Sport
by Dan Lurie

from Muscle Power Magazine May 194

Dan Lurie's Body-Building System
Published in 1979

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Full copy of
Muscle Training Illustrated
September - October 1966

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Muscle Training Illustrated 1966

Dan Lurie publishes an open challenge
to Joe Weider

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