1892 - 1963

Matysek began teaching in 1910 at the age of 18 and was most active between 1914 and 1925.

In 1922 he won the 'Strongest Man in America' award. During that period of the early 20s he appeared as a professional strongman in an act featuring posing and Muscle Control. One of his specialities was a single-handed lift of a custom built bicycle that held 'three furious pedalling riders'

He published a popular book on Muscle Control and also ran one of the many mail-order bodybuilding courses in the 20s. He died in 1963 at the age of 71.



Adverts from December 1921 Physical Culture

Here is a reproduction of his Muscle Flexing course from 1921.

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7
Exercise 8
Exercise 9
Exercise 10
Exercise 11
Exercise 12
Exercise 13
Exercise 14
Exercise 15
Additional Pointers
Two Standard Exercises
How to Pose
My Belief


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