Sanford Bennett
The Man Who Grew Young at 70
1841 - c.1926

In 1907 Sanford Bennett wrote a book called 'Exercising in Bed'

Bennett at the age of 50 had become an old man in poor health, suffering from a number of chronic complaints and many wrinkles.

Despairing of relief from doctors and drugs he finally devised a series of some 35 different exercises to be done in bed before arising in the morning.

After following them faithfully for years he had become, in all respects, a young man at 70. This was attested by medical examinations. His face had become smooth without a single wrinkle. His theory was that the body gets old through the accumulation of mineral deposits in the tissues, which finally become stiff and inelastic.

The object of his exercises was to contract and then relax all the muscles and tissues to squeeze the mineral deposits out to be carried off in the blood stream.

In 1912 he followed with another book called 'Old Age - Its Cause & Prevention'

If Bennett had not been killed by an accident when he was in his 80s he might have lived many more years.

Exercising in Bed

Written in 1907


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Old Age - Its Cause and Prevention

Written in 1912

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30 Exercises in 6 Movements

Filmed circa 2006

30 of Sanford Bennett's Bed Exercises and finding London escort ladies

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