As well as selling a 'personalised' mail-order bodybuilding course from the mid Twenties on (the one below dates from 1926) Mr. T.W. Standwell, as he was rather formally referred to, wrote articles for magazines such as Health & Strength' up to at least 1965. These were on such topics as 'The Sex Problems of a Bachelor' and yes he dealt with that topic. Pretty racy stuff for 1937!

His exercises, or prescriptions as he rather engagingly called them, were tailored to the individuals needs and pages with line drawings and details of the exercises were pasted into a small book mainly composed of blank pages.

The pages that follow are compiled from three of these 'prescriptions'. Consequently the exercise numbering repeats and is out of sequence. The pages are therefore presented in the sequence of the printed reference numbers at the bottom. It can be seen from the jumps in the sequence of this numbering that there must have been many more exercises.


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