Ronald Walker
22nd December 1907 -
25th October 1948


Yorkshire born Ron Walker was an Olympic Weightlifter who, in his lifetime, held 26 British Heavyweight records.

From 1938 he ran a postal Physical Development Course in London.

After years of deteriorating health starting in 1940 he finally succumbed to cancer of the stomach and died in 1948.

He is still held in very high regard in the world of weightlifting.


Wonderful Walker

The Story of Ron Walker
by Ron Tyrrell

The Ronald Walker Championship Course

Parts 5 to 7 are currently missing. If anyone can help find these 3 lessons please let us know.

Ronald Walker
The World's Greatest Heavyweight

by A Famous British Writer

Strength & Health Magazine March/April 1937
Contributed by Peter Yates

The Yorkshire & North East Powerlifting Federation's tribute to Ronald Walker

This is on their website


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